A system of global justice and solidarity


There are no more wars, need and poverty are over. The world of tomorrow should look like this. Global justice is the central issue for a better world. Lasting world peace, freedom and security are hardly conceivable without comprehensive justice.

There have already been many ideas for achieving global justice: From the gentle transformation of human consciousness to the violent revolution. There have already been many revolutions because the change of consciousness takes too long. These revolutions, however, in very few cases led to the desired goals and mostly ended in the opposite. It can be done better.

A look into the future


It's the year 2100 plus. The states and peoples of the earth are politically united in a federal world union. There are no more wars. Matters which affect humanity as a whole are regulated by a global legal order, disputes are settled by supranational courts. World law is protected and enforced by the democratic institutions of the World Union.


This is almost a paradise compared to today's world. All people are well, bitter poverty is a thing of the past. But even extreme wealth is limited because it is unjust. What has happened? The nations united in the World Union have developed a system of global justice and solidarity under the name KOMPENSO. The magic word is balance, and KOMPENSO is the word for it in Esperanto.

Nobody can help it, in which time, in which country or under which social conditions he was born and has to live. Therefore a global burden-sharing takes place, whereby no country, no people and also no single person is disadvantaged anymore because of adverse circumstances. How can something like this work?

How much does the world cost?


One reads it again and again: Our planet belongs to all people and not to an elite of super-rich and rulers. A beautiful insight, but what can you do with it? How can the riches of our planet be fairly distributed among mankind? By determining the fairest possible financial contribution to the world community for each individual state. How should this happen?

Someone once calculated how much money our planet Earth is worth, what one should demand as a minimum bid, if one would auction it off. It should be about 5 trillion dollars. In a similar way, it should be possible to determine the value of each individual country, as with a private property. It is less a question of the size of the country or the number of inhabitants, but of its economic value. For example, infertile desert is not worth as much as fertile arable land, unless one finds mineral resources in the desert. This results in the different financial amounts, as if the countries were leased out.

For the nation states, which already use the countries, nothing changes in the ownership conditions. It is only one method to determine their annual membership contributions to the World Union. From this money, the World Union finances its administration, including the institutions of global democracy and world law. This is one of the pillars of global justice. More are being added.

Joint Projects of Humanity

The Global Social Fund is another pillar of comprehensive justice. It provides everyone with a sufficient basic income, without conditions and wherever they live, regardless of their own income. All people receive the same opportunities for a good life, even if they do not have their own income. Further benefits from the global social fund are free medical care and free access to education, from primary school to university. The implementation is the responsibility of the individual states, without it being to the detriment of their national budgets.


Humanity is under the protection of an international insurance against force majeure. The World Union organises global disaster protection, which firstly takes preventive measures against natural disasters and major technical accidents of all kinds, such as early warning systems, and secondly can help quickly and effectively in the event of damage. This is a new generation Red Cross organized in military terms, which is optimally trained in terms of personnel and technically equipped at bases around the globe. Its tasks also include the repair of damage and reconstruction after disasters. Prevention also extends to protection against dangers from outer space.

In the event that barbarity should break out again anywhere in the world or an armed conflict should arise between two countries, the World Union has a supranational peacekeeping force on standby that can be deployed quickly and effectively. This is a federal police force with military capabilities that can be described as a world gendarmerie. It operates exclusively on the legal basis of international law and strictly observes the principle of proportionality of resources. Thus the nation states can completely disarm and save the costs for their own military. National police forces for internal security remain unaffected.
Interstate wars thus end up in the garbage dump of history.

For mankind to have a great future, it must develop the ability to leave the earth and expand into space. As a first step, our planet will be enlarged. The concept of Greater Earth is the new vision of an enlarged Earth, opened up and inhabited by a larger, politically united humanity. As a human project for the 3rd millennium, it is a realistic perspective for the relief and protection of the Earth itself, as well as for the so-called conquest of space. Financing, organisation and responsibility for the project lie with the World Union.

Unity of humanity is a prerequisite


There are certainly more ideas on how to use the membership fees in a meaningful way. A system like KOMPENSO can only be roughly outlined here. How this will look in detail is a matter for experts and politicians. One can imagine, however, that such a thing is not possible without the political agreement of mankind. That is why this agreement must become feasible. We are forced to do so if we and our descendants on this planet want to survive in dignity. Climate change alone will bring problems in the not too distant future that no country in the world will be able to solve alone. The potential for conflict will increase dramatically as a result.

We have no other choice: the unity of humanity is the ultimate goal. Our policy must urgently work towards a democratic world union. As politically conscious citizens of the world, we must demand and promote such a policy. That is our most important task.

Humanity absolutely needs the World Union - and it needs KOMPENSO.